Human Nature: Getting What You Want

It is basic human instinct to figure out how to get what you want.  Our basic needs and our dreams and desires are foremost on our minds and on our list of priorities.  Some of what we want are material things.  Some of the things we want are altruistic.  As human beings, after our basic needs for shelter, food and clothing, our wants center around our need for happiness, love and health.

Then the next step is how will we get what we want.  Our values guide us.  Do we try and get what we want by pious means or by fraudulent means.  And how will we treat the people we encounter on the journey.

Those of us who have our values connected to our spiritual beliefs have an internal sense of right and wrong – good and bad.  Most of us will shy away from getting what we want by fraudulent means.

But how do we get what we want by pious means in a world where the playing field is not level or equal to all who want to play and in a world where we may not be able to get all the information we need to move forward in a good way.

The Technology of Doing Creating & Being, will help you integrate these powerful spiritual skills into your daily life so you can manifest what you want and live your ideal lifestyle step by step each day regardless of how much money is in your bank account.  Use these spiritual and human technologies to create a live where you are healthy, happy and whole and moving powerfully on your self-mastery journey.

There are 9 human technologies that support us to use our spiritual powers to manifest what we want in the immediate.  These technologies are thought, vision, self-awareness, scanning, strategy, consistent action, relationship, listening and obedience.

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Consistent Action: Practice is not a one-time event

I am as guilty as the next person.  I want instant results.  I exercise for a few weeks and wake up fit and fine.  I mediate for 3 days in a row and I want that calm and peace to stay forever.  But there is a reason they call it a practice.  Like one of my yoga teachers is fond of saying – “its a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect” We all struggle with how to bring these ideas into our lives as part of our way of living.  That our meditation, our journaling, our healthy living practices become as much a part of our lives as brushing our teeth.  But, if you are like me, it’s hard to stick to it long enough for it to become automatic.  We have a million real reasons – fatigue, mood swings, etc. Then I remind myself that when I stick to my routine I have less of that lethargic feeling, less mood swings, I feel better, 100%.  And then there is the really hard and powerful stuff we want to create in our lives – love, career, happiness, health and wealth.  How are we doing the daily things we need to do for ourselves to manifest those bigger life goals.  It’s all about changing our minds so our lives will follow.  And we all need support to stick to it and not fall back into old habitual patterns that don’t serve us.


Truth be told, if you listen to the stories of successful people, it was 10 years of consistent action before they became an overnight success and were recognized by the masses for their achievements.  It’s also a mindset that says something is easy or hard.  Consistent action is as easy, fun or difficult as you make it in your mind.  I reminded Everett the other day that his body loves working out.  He is so happy and feels so good after a good work out.  How does he/ how do we make getting that feeling a priority so we make time despite our competing priorities.


And the other side of that is to celebrate when we are consistent and give ourselves love and grace when we aren’t as consistent as we want to be.  Life  is fluid and so is what is needed from us each day.  Love yourself enough to be consistent with what is important and to be flexible and discern what is needed now and to forgive yourself for being human, tired, stressed, vegging in front of the TV instead of doing whatever you think you should be doing.


There is one more thing I want say about consistent action and creating powerful practices in your life that allow you to manifest what you want.  One thing that I have found that supports me in keeping my word to myself is to have a supportive community to hold me accountable.  Its often a role I play as a coach with my clients.  They know that they have a session with me and that is enough to push them to do the next thing.  So Everett and I are creating with our Life Mapping community to be a supportive accountability group for you.  I know it’s one more place to go check in– but we are hoping that it will become so helpful that you will check in every day and post your goals for the week and give your friends updates and they will give you encouragement.  I am looking forward to learning about your goals, dreams and vision for your life and supporting you to manifest it a little bit every day as you create the practice of consistent action.

So join our free community and let’s build a place that supports us holding each other accountable to making our dreams come true.

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Fear or Peace? It’s Your Choice

Today’s Question: Do we allow the ego to control and create fear and chaos or do we control our mind and develop the discipline to create and manifest the pictures and the life we truly want.  The one where life is good, we are healthy happy and whole.  The life, where we are at peace.

I vote for peace.  In our world, it may be difficult to find time or space to quiet yourself and release other people’s energy or your own anxiety to find peace.  Everything is moving faster each day and we feel the need to speed up to keep up.  The challenges in the world, in our personal lives, all seem overwhelming at times.

When you are stressing your body and mind to the maximum, there is a consequence.  You get sick. There is breakdown and less functionality.  It is inevitable no matter how amazing you are.  The body needs nourishment.  The body needs rest and time to heal.

How do we find balance and harmony so that we are taking care of ourselves while we take care of business?  My dad was fond of saying, “You can’t take care of anyone until you can take care of yourself.”  How wise those words became as I grew older and matured and began to understand the layers and depth of what that meant.

As we approach the spring equinox, renew your commitment to your own self-care routine.  Be sure it includes care for your nutrition, care for your need for physical activity, rest, and quite time alone for the spirit to find peace.


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Deer Teaches the Power of Gentleness

Today a beautiful deer, a fawn, was in my back yard.  She was searching for food.  And where she wanted to go was a cat crouched in the leaves by the garage.  I watched them from my kitchen window.  She made a noise as if to ask the cat to leave and allow her into the space.  The cat moved and then she nosed around the leave and found food.  She hung out in my yard for some time.  I guess she felt safe.

Seeing this encounter took me to my Medicine Cards book by Jamie Sams and David Carson to see what deer represented.  It reminded me that Deer, specifically the fawn, teaches us the power of gentleness.  That gentleness has the power to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are trying to keep us from the Sacred Mountain (connecting to the Great Spirit).  We have the opportunity to embrace the energy of gentleness, love, and compassion to melt the fear and transform the demons that confront us, both those physically in our path and those in our minds that create fear.  Where there is love and gentleness, no fear can exist.  I was reminded that Deer teaches us unconditional love, a love that has no strings attached.  That when we love others and ourselves just the way we are, we need not push or force anything, our demons will melt and be transformed by our love.