There is an easy way for you to get what you want….

  • Imagine being able to trust yourself and your intuition
  • Imagine moving powerfully into action on your vision and deepest desires
  • Imagine using proven spiritual practices to guide you through life’s challenges

In this course you will:

  • Learn a step-by-step process that you can use to manifest any desire
  • Put the law of attraction into action
  • Stop negative thinking and unblock your creative powers
  • Learn to better connect to your intuition with confidence
  • Be able to create strategies that move your vision into action

How can you experience these results? 

The Technology of Doing Creating & Being Digital Course.

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The Course includes:

  • 12 modules including instructional videos and handouts
  • Technology of Doing, Creating, & Being e-book
  • 6-month membership in our private Life Mapping Community

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  • Live weekly group Q&A sessions
  • Special offer for one-on-one coaching session with Monika
  • Exclusive access to article: The 9 Disciplines of Manifestation and more

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Now you might be thinking…. I don’t know if I have time! This course is self-paced. You can go at your own speed. The instructional videos are from 15-30 minutes including the activities. The chapters in the book as a quick read. If you have 15 minutes a day or 90 minutes per week, you can complete two sessions per week and finish this course in 6 weeks...and still put these powerful technologies into action to manifest your visions and remove blocks and obstacles that have been getting the way of your success. Will it work? Practice Makes Perfect. The technology works. These are ancient spiritual truths. This is not a Live-Your-Dreams overnight course. This course and your participation in the private community gives you the tools and support you need to establish a life-long practice that puts these key spiritual principles to work and allows you to learn to manifest your vision and goals at an ever increasing pace as you move powerfully on your self-mastery journey. I don’t know that I can afford this! Can you afford to put your dreams on hold, yet again? How long are you willing to wait to start moving your self-mastery quotient and living your dreams? Start your self-mastery journey and your skills to manifest your vision more rapidly and completely. I'm ready to get started!

Monika, an experienced coach, teacher, practitioner and author, provides you practical instruction and exercises that are easy to do and increase your ability to put these technologies into practical everyday use that will allow you to change your mind and your experience in the immediate.

Monika is the President and CEO of MKM Management Consulting and has been working with individuals and organizations to help them map their future and make their visions real for over 30 years.

She also serves as faculty for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, the Gestalt OSD Center and Move the Crowd’s True Paid Good Academy Program.