Human Nature: Getting What You Want

It is basic human instinct to figure out how to get what you want.  Our basic needs and our dreams and desires are foremost on our minds and on our list of priorities.  Some of what we want are material things.  Some of the things we want are altruistic.  As human beings, after our basic needs for shelter, food and clothing, our wants center around our need for happiness, love and health.

Then the next step is how will we get what we want.  Our values guide us.  Do we try and get what we want by pious means or by fraudulent means.  And how will we treat the people we encounter on the journey.

Those of us who have our values connected to our spiritual beliefs have an internal sense of right and wrong – good and bad.  Most of us will shy away from getting what we want by fraudulent means.

But how do we get what we want by pious means in a world where the playing field is not level or equal to all who want to play and in a world where we may not be able to get all the information we need to move forward in a good way.

The Technology of Doing Creating & Being, will help you integrate these powerful spiritual skills into your daily life so you can manifest what you want and live your ideal lifestyle step by step each day regardless of how much money is in your bank account.  Use these spiritual and human technologies to create a live where you are healthy, happy and whole and moving powerfully on your self-mastery journey.

There are 9 human technologies that support us to use our spiritual powers to manifest what we want in the immediate.  These technologies are thought, vision, self-awareness, scanning, strategy, consistent action, relationship, listening and obedience.

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